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  • Tania Suzuki

Inhabiting the body

"Movement, or physical activity, is (...) an essential factor in intellectual growth, which depends upon the impressions received from outside. Through movement we come in contact with external reality, and it is through these contacts that we eventually acquire even abstract ideas." Maria Montessori

I am so happy for finally having taken the time to put this website and blog together. In order to introduce myself I would like to describe my personal experience with the body, as I think it applies to the work we may embark on together in my sessions.

I use a biopsychosocial approach in my work, addressing the intersection between the physical aspects of our experiences, with the mental, sensorial, autonomic, emotional and relational dimensions. The idea of being in the body- really inhabiting it - fascinates me, both from a science perspective as much as from an arts perspective. I share my trajectory below to illustrate what I mean.

I started dancing when I was 11 and practicing yoga since I was 19 and from then on I had different phases on what being in the body means to me. In the beginning it was all about performance and the fun of trying to go as far as possible in my stretches and poses and the pleasure of moving freely.

After a few years, then already practicing yoga seriously, I realized that the relaxation part of the practices was a thing. In that phase -life was being difficult-, my favourite yoga practices were the ones when I would fall asleep in savasana (relaxation pose).

Later, when I started my Eutony training, I started experiencing the state where I was present, not asleep, but deeply quiet, grounded, experiencing no need to react, which is called a state of Presence, or a non-judgemental state of mind, in mindfulness meditation literature.

In a forth phase, that to me came from the Eutony movement studies and from 5 rhythms dance practice, I would say I have experienced the state where I am focused and non-judgemental, during motion. As if I've returned to the beginning, with a new perspective. Life is still difficult at times, but maybe we can flow with it. And rest. And flow again... and get stuck. and flow...and seat with the discomfort, and shake it out and let it decant...

I believe all of us, in pain or not, can benefit from any of those types of experience as they complement each other and all and each of those phases can be experienced in any given single practice. With my group classes or individual sessions I offer you space to visit these territories in your experience, so your systems may find their way to self-regulate. I believe that we never stop learning and I believe that teaching is learning twice. This is where my passion for my work comes from.

I am doing this blog on my own and learning the technology as I go, so thanks for your patience. I am also experimenting with different types of language here. For now I am going to opt for a more informal form, because I want you to feel that I am talking to you. I remember the day, halfway through my master's, when I realized that I had decided to study more so I could explain pain to my clients, but then I saw myself using so many jargons and academic language that nobody was understanding me anymore... Thus, please feel free to give me feedback (I'm figuring out if you'll be able to post comments here:) If not, maybe you would email me? I am grateful for any questions or contributions. And trust me, I have lots to say! So, here we go! Thanks for coming with me :D

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