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About me

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My Training


I am an experienced health professional, with a multidisciplinary background. ​I have been working with body techniques since 1993 and the clients who remained with me the most were the ones in pain. I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor in Canada and a Psychologist in Brazil. 

My training includes:


IFS Institute - Internal Family Systems - Richard Schwartz

IFS Online Circle -- Apr-Sept/2022

IFS Stepping Stones- IFS Canada - Jan- Apr/2022


Somatic intervention - Ricki Bernstein

Working with Grief and Loss somatically - 2021

Part 3- The Lost Piece: Reclaiming the Body after Abuse 2020

Part 2 - Attachment Wounds, Then and Now - 2020

Part 1- The Missing Piece: The Body in the Therapy Room 2020

AEDP Institute

Level 3 completed in 2021


Transforming Resistance - Steve Shapiro - 10 months - 2021/2022

Advanced Skills -  Fine-tuning AEDP Experiential Interventions in interpersonal and Intrapsychic Contexts: Growing your AEDP Edges as You Help Your Client’s Grow Theirs course with Benjamin Lipton - Oct 2021

Advanced Skills- The Therapist as Organizing Other: Regulating and building self-structure in dysregulated clients through an AEDP lens - Jen Edlin -  Apr 2021

Advanced Skills: Memory Reconsolidating at Work Across States in AEDP: Portrayals and Metaprocessing - Ron Frederick - Feb 2021

Advanced Skills:Transforming Entrenched Defenses, Pathogenic Affects and Trauma States in AEDP - SueAnne Pilliero - Jan 2021

Experience Teaches: A Deeper Exploration of Our Own Capacity for Therapeutic Courage Through Opportunities for Experiential Practice with Colleagues course with Kate Halliday - Dec- 2020

Advanced Skills: Navigating AEDP’s Experiential-Attachment Work in the Context of Trauma, Dissociation and Multiplicity- Kari Gleiser, Phd - Dec 2020


Essential Skills 1 - Ron Frederick 2020

A Soulful Warrior’s Six Session Journey to Transformation Through AEDP with Jerry Lamagna, Feb- 2020 - Vancouver


Immersion training - Diana Fosha - NYC 2019



Clinical Counselling - City University - 2017

Master's degree in Kinesiology - UBC

UBC- Canada, 2013-2015

Multi-disciplinary Pain Management Certificate -

Medical School- USP - 2011

Professional training in Eutony - Somatic Practice

Instituto Gerda Alexander Brazil - 2009- 2012

Professional training in Yoga

Faculty of Physical Education - FMU - SP- Brazil 2003-2004/ 2006-2007

Psychology Degree

Pontificia Universidade Catolica - SP Brazil- 1995-2000

(this is the program that fully equips professionals to become counsellors and psychologists in Brazil)


My gratitudes and




I started teaching dance in 1993 following my dancing experience since 1985, when I was introduced to the work of Isadora Duncan, Pina Bausch and Rudolf Laban, among others. Their approach to dance is that movement is a form of expression and self-knowledge and not a technique.

In 1996... read more

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