About me

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My Training


I am an experienced health professional, with a multidisciplinary background. ​I have been working with body techniques since 1993 and the clients who remained with me the most were the ones in pain. I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor in Canada and a Psychologist in Brazil. 

 My training includes:



AEDP institute training and immersion NYC

2017 - in progress

Clinical Counselling - City University


Master's in Kinesiology - UBC

UBC- Canada, 2013-2015

Multi-disciplinary Pain Management Certificate -

Medical School- USP - 2011

Professional training in Eutony - Somatic Practice

Instituto Gerda Alexander Brazil - 2009- 2012

Professional training in Yoga

Faculty of Physical Education - FMU - SP- Brazil 2003-2004/ 2006-2007

Psychology degree

Pontificia Universidade Catolica - SP Brazil- 1995-2000

(this is the program that fully equips professionals to become counsellors and psychologists in Brazil)


My gratitudes and




I started teaching dance in 1993 following my dancing experience since 1985, when I was introduced to the work of Isadora Duncan, Pina Bausch and Rudolf Laban, among others. Their approach to dance is that movement is a form of expression and self-knowledge and not a technique.

In 1996... read more