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Yoga is a body-mind practice that integrates physical activities with breathing techniques, relaxation and the cultivation and awareness of certain states of mind. 

Even though Yoga is an eastern ancient practice, it has been more and more recommended for a variety of western modern health issues, from stress and anxiety, IBS, and chronic pain. 

I've been teaching Yoga since 1996 based on the traditional hatha yoga approach, taught to my teachers at the Kayvalyadhama Institute in Lonavla India.


In my typical class we practice yoga stretches, balance and strengthening poses, breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation, for the sake of inviting the mind to the present moment. I often like to combine Eutony elements to the yoga practice, emphasizing yoga's contemplative aspects, by learning the language of the body, regulating the nervous systems.

Yoga can be delivered in groups or individually.

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