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Eutony - somatic practice

Eutony is a somatic practice for the neurosensorial regulation of tension/tone, created by the german Gerda Alexander (1908-1994). It enables people to experience the body, in relation to its emotional, sensorial, cognitive and autonomic expressions. The aim is to gain a fine tuned self-awareness, encompassing the awareness of both movement and quietness. It refines people’s ability to relax and reset the nervous system, as well as to move with more ease, creativity and consciousness. This stance leads to re-awakening of the self-regulatory systems, regulating over-active sympathetic nervous system responses, enhancing the sense of trust of oneself in their own body, regulating pain, anxiety and stress. 


Eutony, means "harmonious tension” and it works by helping participants bringing their attention to the present moment, as in meditation. This focused state of mind targeting your own body structures is the main ingredient to neuroplasticity, changing the structure of the brain, enhancing the way your brain represents your body. 


During a typical class we practice deep relaxation, cultivating a contemplative, non-judgemental mental attitude, as in meditation. We do it by directing attention to the perception of the skin, bone structure and inner spaces, savouring silent moments. 


However, unlike meditation, Eutony also uses concrete interventions on the body (not only mental interventions) to facilitate focusing on the present moment. We use objects, such as tennis balls, bamboo sticks, or a piece of fabric, to promote what can look like a deep self-massage, or a very soft touch. Exploratory movements, yoga-like poses and stretches are proposed to learn about new possibilities for movement and activation, re-training chronic neuromuscular patterns, enriching the sensorimotor repertoire, as well as strengthening the embodied expression of your presence in different situations in life. 

Often these practices are filled with a sense of peace and curiosity. Sometimes they can be inhabited by a sense of unsettlement or agitation, which are opportunities for us to work together and offer one's nervous system credible evidence that they are safe. 

Come for a journey through your own body and see how it supports your presence in the world, your connections to yourself, to others and to the environment. If you want to befriend your body and inhabit it in its full expression, this practice is for you. 


Moving not for the sake of moving, but for the sake of sensing the movement. Pausing not for the sake of pausing but for the sake of sensing the pause.


NEXT GROUP (live, online)

Come with me on a 8 weeks journey through your body and savour the nuances of your nervous system regulation.

Starting on September 20th at 4:30pm (Pacific Standard time). Sessions are 90mins long.

If interested, please contact me here .

This series will contemplate these themes (not necessarily in this order):


- visiting the spine- its curves and length


- befriending the pelvis- the weight and solidity of the bones


- ribs and core- laterality, breath, inner space, the volume of the bones

- hips and lower back- degrees of freedom

- neck, jaw, ears and eyes - exteroception/interoception


- feet, knees and legs- roots, rotations and routes- occupying the space around

- noticing the shoulders and arms- reaching out, ladies and gentleman, the diagonal axis


- wrapped in skin- the ever-within-reach safety blanket, boundary, container


Small groups on zoom. Limited spaces.

Clients discount: If you are or have been my client before (either individually or in a group) and you need a discount, contact me here and ask for a special code for clients


Diversity discount: If you belong to any oppressed minority, such as you are a person of colour, indigenous, and you need a discount, contact me here and specify your diversity to access a code for a discount

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