Counselling / Coaching 

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor and I invite you to talk about your bodily experiences - from your pain to your accomplishments - and elaborate on their meaning within your biography, so that those experiences can become the seeds of important life changes. Explore how your bodily experiences are in perspective with your emotions, thoughts and behaviours. I offer emotional support, in a process oriented approach. For the past few years I've been specializing in an innovative type of psychotherapy called AEDP. You can read more about it here.

One of the greatest benefits of (re)gaining connection with your own body, may be reprocessing experiences from your past or current life experiences, in terms of your emotional experiences, relationships and projects. Feeling accompanied in your experience can provide your nervous system with the opportunity to rewire itself, generating new response patterns. Often these reprocessing of emotional experiences, along with "feeling accompanied" by a trusting other, change our future perspectives.

Take the opportunity to be accompanied in reviewing your personal story, to find yourself being the one who "writes" your own biography, increasing your sense of self-efficacy and agency. Be it during rehabilitation, or any other transitions in life.

I am able to offer counselling in English and in Portuguese, in person in Victoria Canada, or on-line through video conferencing.

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