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Chronic pain impacts 1 in 5 Canadians. In the past 30 years there has been an enormous shift in the understanding of pain which has been radically changing how to treat it. It transitioned from a medical issue to a biopsychosocial phenomena. It is now well established that pain and tissue damage are different entities and best practices in pain management nowadays are not reduced to fixing issues in the tissues, but rather address how the brain and nervous system interpret threat and safety, preserving/enhancing the sense of agency of those who experience pain. This shift has started with the neuromatrix theory, published by Ronald Melzack in 1989.

This theory gave rise to a real revolution in the understanding of pain in the past 30 years, and nowadays it has been led by the Researchers from the NOI group (Neuro Orthopedic Institute). 

We now know that the more people understand the science of pain and the role of the brain and nervous system in pain, the more they can understand that pain is about protection, not damage, which in turn, leads them to have less pain. 

Contact me to learn about the modern pain science and find out how to use it to change your pain experience and cultivate your sense of safety in your body, by repatterning your nervous system. 

This Pain Education series is offered in 8 sessions.

They can be offered in person in Victoria - Canada, or on-line.

The next group will start in mid January/2021.

It will run for 8 weeks and each session is 90 mins long.

If you are interested, contact me here, and let me know your availability.

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